Headlights and Bulbs Replacement in Sacramento & Citrus Heights

Headlights and Bulbs Replacement in Sacramento & Citrus Heights | TOS Auto Repair

If you have trouble seeing the road around the Sacramento & Citrus Heights area, our auto mechanics would like to inspect your vehicle’s headlights and bulbs. Although headlights and bulbs might seem like a silly reason to visit, the auto repair specialists at TOS Auto Repair will tell you that it’s not. Anything that prevents you from seeing the road can be dangerous. Your headlights and bulbs need to be in good working order so you can see where you’re going!
Not every street in the Sacramento & Citrus Heights area is well-lit. And if your headlights and bulbs aren’t working correctly, you might be squinting to try to make out the shapes of cars or people at night. There are enough hazards on the roads already without your own headlights and bulbs giving you problems, too! Smoke, haze, smog, and glare are all part of a normal driving day. At TOS Auto Repair, our auto repair technicians want to give you the best possible chance at success. We want you and your family to get home safely.
Why bring your vehicle’s headlights and bulbs into TOS Auto Repair for us to check? First, we’ve been on the automotive scene since 1985--so we’ve seen our fair share of smashed headlights and bulbs. Second, we treat you like family. We’ll transport you in our shuttle so you can get to work or back home. Third, our service advisors and technicians are ASE-Certified--and three of them are masters! You can benefit from our ongoing education. Fourth, we have a comfy waiting room with couches, snacks, and even a massage chair! Fifth, we have a 3-year/36,000-mile WorldPac plus self-warranty, which means it’s a nationwide warranty. We offer roadside assistance for up to one year from your last visit with up to a $75 reimbursement. Any repair over $25 includes this! So if something goes wrong and you’re not in the Sacramento & Citrus Heights area, you’re still covered. Sixth, we have many five-star reviews.
Speaking of reviews, here’s a five-star review from one of TOS Auto Repair’s happy customers:
“LOVE THIS PLACE!  I will only take my Lexus here.  I've been going here for 5+ years, and each time their service is impeccable.  Rick has been my go to guy, always giving me his honest opinion and reasonable quotes.  I recently had my headlights redone because they were so cloudy.  My car looks brand new!  The before and after pictures are incredible.
“If you want a place that is honest, reliable and you feel like a person that matters, then this is the place to go.   You get to know everyone, Mark and Carrie are wonderful and go out of their way to help you.  Gary is always busy explaining services so that you're fully aware of what is needed and Nathan is ready to take you home or to work.  The service guys are always pleasant when you see them, and the place is clean.
“5 star service is what you get!” -- Patti G.
We’d love to see you and work on your vehicle’s headlights and bulbs. Schedule an appointment today. TOS Auto Repair is located at 5916 Auburn Blvd., Citrus Heights, CA 95621. Our hours are Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM.

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