What to Pack in Your Road Trip Emergency Kit

When most people think of summer, they think of road trips. While we are always hoping you embark on safe and smooth travels, it is good to be extra prepared with a road emergency kit. Emergency kits can come in handy when things don’t go as planned. So, what all should you pack in your vehicle’s emergency bag? 


At TOS Auto Repair in Citrus Heights, CA, we’ve got your back. We’ve built this comprehensive list of items to bring with you on your road adventure.


First off, prepared First Aid Kits should come first to mind. Vehicle health is important, but you and your passengers’ health should be at the top. You’ll need to have gauze, tape, band-aids, ointment, aspirin, gloves, scissors, hydrocortisone, tweezers, and more. Just in case someone gets a minor injury or feels under the weather, this will be great to have.


Next, you should add a compass, a flashlight with extra batteries, and a spare car charger to the list. Just in case you get lost or get stranded without a working phone, you’ll want to have these items on hand.


Before any big trip, you should gather important paperwork. You’ll need to have your insurance provider's name and number and a preferable tow company on hand in case of emergencies. 


Reflective triangles are also good items to have on hand as they can communicate with others on the road that you’re in distress. 


While car fires aren’t as common and only happen in the worst of the worst scenarios, it is good to have something to put an open fire out. In certain circumstances, fire extinguishers can be a lifesaver.


Of course, you can’t forget a basic tool kit. Whether you are fixing up something car-related or not, a wrench or screwdriver can get you out of a sticky situation. 


There’s nothing worse than having to deal with a dead battery, which is why we recommend including jumper cables on the list of items to pack. Batteries can be unpredictable if you don’t test them regularly.


What is a road trip without snacks? It is a great idea to bring foods that give you high energy like nuts, dried fruits, and hard candy. Don’t forget to hydrate as well, so pack water.


Last but not least, you’ll want to bring all the tools necessary to fix a flat tire, including the sparetire itself.  


The team at TOS Auto Repair wants you to have a successful road trip this summer. If you need service or a vehicle inspection, please call or fill out our online appointment form today! We look forward to seeing you at our Citrus Heights auto service shop.

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