What to Know About Maintaining Your Diesel Vehicle

Diesel engines are a popular choice among car owners due to their efficiency and durability. However, even the toughest engines need routine maintenance and occasional repairs to ensure they run smoothly and efficiently. Here’s what you need to know about diesel repairs for your car or truck.

  1. Fuel Injectors: Fuel injectors are the most common cause of diesel engine problems. They can become clogged with dirt, grime and carbon deposits, leading to a decrease in performance and fuel efficiency. If you notice a decrease in performance or fuel efficiency, it may be time to have your injectors cleaned or replaced.
  2. Turbocharger: The turbocharger helps to increase the power of the engine by forcing air into the combustion chamber. If your vehicle is experiencing decreased performance or a drop in power, it may be due to a faulty turbocharger. A professional mechanic can inspect the turbocharger and determine if it needs to be cleaned, repaired or replaced.
  3. EGR System: The Exhaust Gas Recirculation or EGR system helps to reduce emissions from the diesel engine. Over time, the EGR valve can become clogged with carbon deposits, leading to reduced performance and increased emissions. A professional mechanic can clean the EGR valve and ensure that it is functioning properly.
  4. Glow Plugs: Glow plugs are essential for starting diesel engines in cold weather. If you are having trouble starting your engine in cold weather, it may be due to faulty glow plugs. A professional mechanic can inspect and replace the glow plugs to ensure your engine starts smoothly and efficiently.
  5. Engine Air Filter: The engine air filter helps to keep dirt, debris and contaminants from entering the engine. Over time, the air filter can become clogged, leading to reduced performance and increased emissions. A professional mechanic can inspect and replace the engine air filter to ensure your engine is breathing properly.

Diesel engines do require regular maintenance and occasional repairs, just like other vehicles. If you notice any issues with your diesel engine, please bring your vehicle to TOS Auto Repair for service. With proper maintenance and prompt repairs, your diesel engine will provide you with years of reliable service.

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