What Happens If I Miss a Vehicle Service?

As any responsible car owner knows, it's important to get your vehicle regularly serviced if you want to prevent issues, or fix any problems before they become too expensive Generally, it's recommended you bring in your vehicle for a tune-up at least once a year. However, sometimes everyone slips up and forgets to have their vehicle serviced. Let's talk about what might happen as a result of your forgetting to have your vehicle checked out and fixed up.

1. Tire Troubles

One big problem that can come about as a result of missing a vehicle servicing is your neglecting your tires. Sometimes we take our tires for granted, as their thick rubber can seem indestructible at times. However, micro-tears and small punctures can add up over time, leading to a reduction in tire pressure, less grip on the road, and lower fuel efficiency. Not to mention the risk balding tires pose to driving safely in general.

2. Rust Build-Up

Rust is something that can crop up virtually anywhere on your car, and once it's a part of your vehicle it can spread very quickly. A car's undercarriage can remain wet for days at a time, which can further exacerbate cases of rust and the severity of rust damage in general. If your car has any rust on it, you should take it to be serviced sooner rather than later, as rust damage can be very expensive to repair.

3. Brake Problems

Brakes are an essential part of your vehicle, for one very obvious reason: Would you drive your car if you knew you wouldn't be able to stop? Exactly. Brake pads can wear out pretty quickly, especially if you've been driving more than usual. If you've noticed signs of brake deterioration such as squeaking when stopping or slower stopping speed in general, then we'd definitely recommend bringing your vehicle in to be serviced ASAP.

Maintaining your car's healthy state is imperative to driving safely and being a responsible vehicle owner. Contact us and bring your car into our establishment at any time to be looked at, serviced, and taken care of!

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