What Does The Battery Light Mean?

Your dashboard is the command center for your vehicle, giving you real-time data on what's happening throughout the engine and chassis. Tire pressure, fuel levels, and your speedometer are the most looked at numbers, but you shouldn't ignore the warning lights that pop up when your vehicle isn't feeling well.

Why The Battery Light Can Be Horrifying

Out of all the lights you can be presented with, the battery light is the mysterious dark horseman of your dash. It doesn't have a single issue tied to it as a tire pressure sensor or open door light would have. It also doesn't immediately mean that the battery is done for.

Often, the first reaction is just that though. Your battery light is on which means it's dying and will become another expense you have to budget in. Don't worry, this typically isn't the issue at the end of the day.

It Does Mean You Should Take Your Car In

Your vehicle's electrical system is a joint effort between your battery that stores the initial charge needed to start the car, and your alternator that produces power once started to recharge the battery as it depletes. This symbiotic relationship helps extend the lifespan of your vehicle's electrical components.

Something you may be concerned about is whether or not you should drive with the battery light on. While you CAN drive with the light on, it should still be your priority to get it into an auto repair shop with skilled mechanics as meddling with the electrical systems can be tough and cause more issues if done incorrectly.

The reason you need to get it looked at is that the battery light will often mean that the alternator is not properly charging, which means the vehicle can no longer rely on it for power and instead looks to the battery alone. Without the alternator to carry some of the burdens and recharge your battery, it slowly runs out of power until your vehicle no longer starts.

Notice trouble starting your car or lights dimming and flickering? Bring it down to our auto repair shop today for a quick diagnosis and honest recommendation!

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