Top Symptoms of Dirty Fuel Injectors

Your fuel injectors operate alongside your fuel filter and fuel pump to concurrently provide the engine with a sufficient amount of clean fuel. Just like any other car part, the quality of your fuel injector deteriorates over time. Faulty fuel injectors can result in some tricky circumstances. How do you know when your fuel injectors have gone wrong?


Here are the four most common symptoms that you need fuel injector repairs:

  • POOR GAS MILEAGE. If you've had your vehicle for a long time, then you're used to the number of miles you push a gallon. If you notice a reduction in your MPG, it usually means there are inefficiencies with your engine. Your fuel system could very well be the culprit. However, countless problems can lead to poor gas mileage. It is highly advised that you have an expert technician to diagnose the problem correctly.
  • CAR ENGINE MISFIRES. In extreme circumstances, dirty fuel injectors can also result in engine misfires. Good luck getting somewhere when there's difficulty with the air and fuel mixture entering the engine. You might hear a jerk and pop sound or vibrations that follow.
  • ROUGH IDLING WHEN YOU COME TO A STOP. Shaking and sputtering is not considered normal in any circumstance, especially when you are coming to a stop. Rough idling happens when your RPMs (revolutions per minute) change unexpectedly, even if your foot isn't on the pedal. This symptom may imply that your fuel injector is filthy. 
  • CHECK ENGINE LIGHT COMES ON. The check engine light will light up on your vehicle's dashboard if there isn't enough gas getting to the engine to perform the combustion process. In some cases, there may be too much fuel present in the engine.

If you notice your car exemplifying any of the signs above, reach out to an auto repair expert ASAP. We are Asian Import Specialists at TOS Auto Repair, and we have been serving the Sacramento area for years! If you need a fuel injector repair, we invite you to give us a call or visit today!

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