The Different Kinds of Filters In A Car

Filters play a vital role in your vehicle's life; they protect against premature wear and tear and remove any debris or obstructions. However, over time these filters need to be replaced periodically. As these foreign matters build up within a filter, the filter will clog up and impede your vehicle's performance. So, what type of filters can you expect to find in your car?


This filter is found behind the engine air intake, and it purifies the air entering your engine's combustion chamber. All combustion engines need a mixture of air and fuel. 


The cabin air filter is fitted to purify the air entering your vehicle's cabin. The air will flow through the cabin filter before entering your vehicle's cabin through your vehicle's vents. You should change this filter every 15K-30K miles. Failure to swap out a clogged cabin air filter will result in HVAC inefficiency and dirty air.


As engine oil moves from the drip pan to the engine, it passes through a filter where all its pre-existing debris is removed. The good news is that most technicians will replace the oil filter whenever you come in for an oil change for your convenience.


The transmission filter, like the other fluid filters, removes pollutants from the transmission fluid. Excess contaminants will collect inside your transmission's gears if you neglect to swap out the transmission filter.


The last filter is the fuel filter, which will clean the gasoline before it enters the engine. The fuel filter serves to remove dust, dirt, and pollutants from the gasoline. They look like cartridges that are intended to fit inside a vehicle's fuel line.


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