Get to Know Your Car's Belts

Did you know that your vehicle houses over 30,000 parts (including nuts and bolts, of course)? Many of these components need regular check-ups, especially those made of rubber, such as your timing belt and serpentine belt. Though they are often neglected, both of them play an essential role in your vehicle's performance.

Serpentine Belt

The serpentine belts loops through various parts of your car, including the power steering pumps, cooling fans, injector pumps, A/C system, and more. They are the most powerful of belts because they can do it all!

Without the serpentine belt, those functions mentioned above will simply not work well. The black belt is made of sturdy rubber with a smooth side and a ribbed side. If this belt ever breaks for whatever reason, you will be sounded by it with a squealing sound. A snapped serpentine belt can be dangerous as it puts you at risk of engine overheating and complete failure of the power steering system.

Timing Belt

The timing belt looks very similar to the serpentine belt. However, it only wraps around the upper motor to the lower motor. They are also called camshaft belts because it ensures the camshaft opens and closes the engine valves at the right time. The ridges on the band are evenly arranged to perfect the timing of this process. When your timing belt gets worn out, the process can become corrupted. For instance, the valves can remain open for too long and be struck by the pistons, which can cause severe damages. Consequently, it would help if you replace the timing belt at the first sign of old age. Bad timing belt symptoms include engine misfires, leaking oil, trouble starting the engine, and a loud ticking noise.


As you may know now, these belts are very significant to the operation of your vehicle. If you want to keep both of these belts in good condition, we recommend giving them regular visual inspections. You can also go through your owner's manual for estimated intervals for belt replacements, but it's always wise to get it done early. Please give our team a call or visit today for all your auto needs, including timing and serpentine belt replacements! 

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