Can Transmission Fluid Go Bad?

The vehicle transmission system is a major system that is responsible for bringing power generated by the motor to move and turn wheels. It is a hydraulic system, meaning the transmission relies on fluid to create the pressure necessary to drive. Transmission fluid is almost always pink or red. Like motor oil for the engine; transmission fluid also has cooling and lubricating properties to prevent wear and tear on parts. 

Transmission fluid does the following:

  • Extends the life of the transmission
  • Provides hydraulic pressure
  • Lubricates transmission parts
  • Acts as a layer or barrier between transmission components 
  • Helps clutch engage when necessary
  • Prevents rust and corrosion to important components
  • Prevents parts from overheating

Can It Go Bad?
Over time, the transmission fluid in your car will break down, become dirty, and overall be less effective. Once it can no longer do its duties, you should cleanse the transmission system and add in fresh fluid. This service is often known as a fluid flush. We can perform a fluid flush at TOS Auto Repair to ensure all the dirt and gunk stuck in the gears and other parts are eliminated. Furthermore, we will assess whether there are leaks in the system.

If you need a transmission fluid service or repair today, please do not hesitate to reach out to the professional team at TOS Auto Repair. We always go the extra mile in our customer service and quality of workmanship. Please call or schedule an appointment online today!

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