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Is Preventive Maintenance Really Worth it?

Your car is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime, second to possibly only your home. Something so important and of course, expensive, should be taken care of. The team at TOS Auto Repair recommends preventative maintenance being performed at the factory scheduled intervals.  We have to take care of our health, which is why we attend the doctor for a check up. We don’t necessarily attend the doctor each year because something is wrong with us. Instead, we go to catch any problems before they become bigger and to ensure everything is a-okay. The same goes for your vehicle. You can think of the technicians at TOS Auto Repair as car doctors and preventative maintenance as check-ups for the health of your vehicle.  Preventative maintenance actually prevents more expensive and potentially dangerous problems from occurring. For example, by maintaining your fluid levels, you aren’t waiting until something catastrophic happens by low fluid levels ... read more


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