Monthly Archives: November 2019

Best Automotive Inventions For Which We’re Thankful

November is almost here, which means we will be soon celebrating Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and then finally New Years. Before the holidays are officially here, it is the perfect time to take a moment and remind ourselves why we are so grateful for our vehicles. Here are 4 of the best automotive inventions for which we’re thankful:  Teen Driver Technology: If you have been worrying about handing the keys over to your teen driver, you won’t have to stress anymore -- teen driver technology comes in with built-in limitations. In fact, teen driver technology will send you alerts if your teen goes over a certain speed, turn off the audio if the seatbelts aren’t on, and keep the volume at a reasonable limit.  Connected Mobile Apps: Most car markers come with an app that you can easily download. In this app, you will find information about your vehicle. You can also check your fuel and tire levels, unlock your doors, and remotely start your engine in the chill ... read more


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