Monthly Archives: June 2020

Someone hit my car while it was parked

With more people working from home, it’s common to leave your car parked only to come back and notice another car has hit it. Don’t let this give you anxiety; these types of accidents are common and, with the right resources, aren’t too complicated to manage. A driver may have hit your vehicle and left a note, or hit and drove away. Both of these situations use similar steps to resolve.  The first step is to remain calm. Finding your vehicle hit after safely leaving it parked can cause most people significant distress. It’s best to collect your thoughts before proceeding to ensure rational and logical decisions.  If the driver is still around, calmly collect their contact information and car insurance policy. You’ll need this information when you report this accident to your insurance company and the police (if you choose to file a report). If the driver isn’t around but left a note, contact them to confirm that you have the correct infor ... read more

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