5 signs It’s Time for A Tune Up

Whether you just purchased a new vehicle or are holding on to old faithful, your vehicle is going to need to have a service and maintenance check-up eventually. After a car has traveled several miles, tune-ups are necessary to fix small issues and prevent them from turning into bigger ones. At TOS Auto Repair, a tune-up includes replacing essential wires and plugs, new filters, an ignition timing adjustment, and much more. If you don’t remember the last tune-up your car has received, below are a few common signs that it’s time to schedule one: 

Your Vehicle Is Stalling 
Unless you’re a new driver to a manual vehicle, stalling should not be a common occurrence. A stalling car can indicate various issues such as bad spark plugs, a dead battery, a faulty ignition, and more. If your vehicle has just started to stall, it’s time to have it checked and tuned up. 

 A Decrease in Fuel Efficiency
If you’ve been driving your vehicle for several years, you know your gas tank like the back of your hand. After driving for a while, it’s easier to notice if your vehicle is burning through more fuel than average. If your car hasn’t gotten a tune-up in a while, there may be a considerable decrease in fuel mileage. 

Your Vehicle Takes a Long Time to Start and Slow to Accelerate. 
If a vehicle isn’t getting enough oxygen or fuel, it will be challenging to start. If you turn the ignition and the car feels sluggish, it could be an indication that it’s time for a tune-up.   

Your Vehicle is Making Strange Noises. 
If you have a need for speed, road noises are common. However, if you’re noticing louder, unfamiliar noises when you drive, something could be wrong. Squealing noises may indicate a vital fluid is low. Clunking noises may mean something was knocked loose. Tune-ups are designed to give your vehicle a detailed 360 inspection to identify any problems. 

 Your Brakes are Less Effective. 
The brakes are the most critical safety feature of a vehicle, and if they aren’t fully functional and responsive, they should be checked immediately. Brakes wear and decline gradually, and regular tune-ups allow you to stay aware of when they might need to be replaced. It’s important not to wait until your brakes have already started to show signs of wear. Stay on top of their maintenance to avoid putting yourself in a dangerous driving situation. 

Regular tune-ups are vital in keeping you and your passengers safe. If you are experiencing any of these signs, it’s time to bring your vehicle in for a service. TOS Auto Repair is the number one choice in Sacramento, CA, for premium tune-ups and bumper to bumper inspections. Our Sacramento auto repair shop works on all makes and models, with ASE certified technicians specializing in Toyota, Acura, Honda, Lexus, Nissan, and more.

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