3 Reasons Your Brakes Feel Spongy

There's nothing more alarming than stepping on the brakes, only for the pedal to sink to the floor. A spongy brake pedal leaves room for concern. A brake problem can take more effort to stop your vehicle, increasing the risk of an accident. There are a variety of reasons that could lead the brakes to feel spongy. Below are three common reasons the brakes may feel spongy. 

A Leak in the Brake Line
Brake lines are primarily made of steel tubing. They can become corroded by rust. Over time, rust can cause small holes to develop and cause brake fluid to leak out. A decrease in brake fluid leads can cause a loss of hydraulic pressure causing the brake pedal to feel soft.

There's Air in the Brake Line
A common cause for a spongy brake is air in the brake lines. When air gets trapped in the brake lines, brake fluid won't adequately flow properly. If there's air in the brake line, a brake flush can be an easy solution. As you drive, brake fluid absorbs moisture, and flushing the fluid removes any air while also preventing the old fluid from boiling. 

A Leak in the Disc Brake Caliper
The disc brake calipers clamp the brake pad against the rotors to slow the vehicle. This can lead to a puddle of leaked brake fluid underneath the car and a strong smell of burnt summer. 

Brake Service in Sacramento, CA

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